Nicholas Bonavia

Nick has served as President and CEO of Bonavia Properties since 2014. He has been involved in the family business most of his life as an advisory director, director, investment manager and managing director. He was pivotal in the company’s disposition of assets in Nevada and the acquisition of properties in Wichita, Kansas City, and Colorado.

Nick studied Social Sciences at the University of Southern California and received his Bachelor of Arts in 2002. After an internship with Morgan Stanley, he worked in the financial sector in Los Angeles facilitating projects around the Pacific Rim from Vancouver to Japan, China, Vietnam, and Thailand.

In 2007, Nick moved to Wichita to become more involved in the family business where he developed a passion for the community and is enthusiastic about community outreach programs. His interests include church activities, golf, music and sports. When not out and about, Nick enjoys walking his dog, Molly, and reading.