The Garvey Center

Standing 26 stories tall for 50 years as an icon in Wichita’s skyline, the Garvey Center enterprise encompasses multiple buildings located at 200, 220, 250, and 300 W. Douglas in Downtown Wichita. The Garvey Center stands between the ten-story R.H. Garvey building (300 W. Douglas), located directly west and its companion, the ten-story Olive W. Garvey building (200 W. Douglas), located directly east of the central Garvey Center building. The Garvey Center offers office, residential, and venue spaces and includes the Page Court and Kiva areas as well as 250 Douglas Place.

Page Court and the Kiva are 64,000 square feet and both located within the Garvey Center enterprise. Page Court houses a salon and 12 office spaces with all the amenities and access included within the Garvey Center. The Kiva features 3 restaurants, a salon, the Open Studios workspaces as well as offices, art installations, and a beautiful water feature directly outside the courtyard doors, which is home to Garvey’s Wichita-famous ducks.